Choosing a coffee table

Choosing a coffee table

 Probably one of the most underrated pieces of furniture in your home, but definitely can be one of the most used.

The coffee table is the center piece of your lounge and entertainment area – a space where many happy memories are made.

You get home from a long day at the office, sit on your couch and put your feet up on the coffee table; or, you sit on the floor, next to your coffee table with a cup of (excuse the pun) coffee, watching your favourite series or reading a book; or, maybe, you sit with your family in the evenings around the coffee table with some hot chocolate and snacks (its bound to get messed, our coffee tables at Joseph Ganco have a laminate over it so you don’t have to worry about this).

 Personally, I love to choose a coffee table that matched with my TV unit. It creates some sort of “balance” in the area that I prefer. Choose a coffee table that could easily fit with the décor in your home – matching with the lounge or carpets. Its fairly easy to do so if your TV unit and coffee table already match.

 Joseph Ganco has imported a lovely range of coffee tables that have a matching TV unit. We have carefully selected these making sure that it would easily match most home décor styles and is very versatile.

Our focus was to bring in something that isn’t too pricey, a piece that really looks beautiful, classy, versatile, and great to be included in all Instagram pictures with the family 😊

We understand that carrying pieces of furniture up three stories high can be a mission and a half, so all our coffee tables and TV units are flat packed. This makes transport really easy.

Assembling the coffee tables is also a breeze (trust me, I was the guinea pig to test this), and comes with instructions. Our friendly team is always available at your service if you do have any issues 😊


PS : The most important part of any furniture piece you buy is that you and your loved ones should love it !!